Electronic Prototyping for Designers

Professor Sung Park


10 Weeks

09.11.19 - 11.14.19


Abby Turner

Athena Giani

Tiffany Choi

Taylor Primuth

My Role

Visual Design Lead

Arduino Engineer

UI Designer


Curo is a home assistant that provides a sense of safety for children at home alone and peace of mind for parents. It is a three-part system, incorporating a wagon, a camera, and an app all working seamlessly together. Children can use the wagon to store and access their toys and draw on the chalkboard sides. While holding the familiarity of a children’s toy, the wagon motion sensors provide friendly auditory feedback. Located underneath the wagon is a hidden pressure sensor for emergencies. Curo is also a security system connecting parents to their children. Parents will be alerted when interactions are detected from the wagon and may deny unrecognized faces detected from the camera. When parents want further communication, they can send messages from the app to the wagon.

Many parents struggle with transitioning their children from adult supervision in their absence to allowing their children to stay home alone.

7 million of the nation’s 38 million children between the ages of 5-14 are left home alone on a regular basis


A home assistant for your child's safety.

A social robot ecosystem that connects parent and child in their absence. Combining the functionality of a babysitter and the familiarity of a child’s toy, Curo aids parents in transitioning their children towards becoming confident in their independence and giving parents peace of mind and a sense of security while away.


Curo creates a sense of security for both the child and parent by boosting confidence in both while absent from one another.


Curo creates a connection through communication between both parent and child while absent from one another.


Through friendly interactive elements, Curo entertains the child through a connection that encourages continued interaction with the wagon.


Curo creates a sense of confidence in the child, increasing their independence while in the absence of their parents.


Giving parents the peace of mind they crave.

Curo is a three-part system, incorporating a wagon, camera, and app all working seamlessly together. Being three parts, we needed to define and understand how our users would interact with Curo in a real-life setting. The Curo ecosystem can be broken down into two main feature categories, safety, and communication, both key focus areas in our solution.


Everything in one
secure place.

The Curo wagon is designed to be friendly and transportable, allowing the child to bring the Curo wagon with them. The wagon is equipped with many safety and communication features for both child and parent. Designed to be intentionally discrete, the pressure sensor underneath the wagon is designed for the child to suddenly trigger if there is an emergency. With motional sensors inside, the Curo wagon sends an alert to the Curo app that interaction has been detected. To keep the toy entertaining we added sound feedback ability for parents to leave voice messages or reminders for their kids.


Giving parents peace of mind.

The Curo camera features 180° wide view security monitoring. Fully equipped with facial recognition, parents can connect to their app and monitor faces in the house or set up push notifications. The parent can either accept or deny the face, if denied the emergency protocol set up for the account will be activated.


Monitor and track no matter the time or place.

The Curo application is a major component in the connection between parent and child. The Curo app is the main hub for parents to communicate back and forth with alerts, reminders and messages for their child. The app is also where parents will monitor and track interaction notifications, as well as monitor who may be in the house with using the Curo camera facial recognition.


Bringing our concept to life!

Using the Arduino hardware and software we created a fully functioning Curo ecosystem. If you are interested in seeing any the working Arduino code please reach out!


To explore the full research process view the Sift process book!

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