Local accessibility,

global inclusivity!

My Role: Visual Design Lead | Ideation


Mobi is a transmitter and receiver system that universalizes hands-free payment and low-contact customer service for public transportation. Mobi is not only a contact-less payment device but also a proximity sensor that notifies bus drivers of someone at the stop who wants to get on the bus. The Mobi ecosystem expands the Radio-frequency identification (RFID) signal of current contact-less payment hubs while also connecting to the already existing city public transportation tracking system. The Mobi transmitter connects to the bus payment system based on your current location sending transit payment in real time without having to move a muscle.

Mobi provides a seamless payment system for those with low mobility who struggle or cannot utilize public transportation in its existing form. Mobi is designed to give back independence and confidence in those who require special assistance when using public transit. The Mobi ecosystem is designed to be completely touchless relying on transmitters, receivers and proximity sensors all seamlessly communicating to allow for zero overall movement from flagging the bus down to the moment you sit down on the bus.


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On an average weekday 1.6 million Chicagoans rely on public transportation to get from point A to B.

23% of individuals with disabilities report needing some level of specialized assistance or equipment to travel outside the home.


Many people rely on public transit as their primary form of transportation. However, public transit is not as fully accessible in forms of payment. Commuters with mobility difficulties lose their independence as a result of needing help to access these forms of transportation.


Mobi creates a seamless hands-free payment system and rider to driver notification system for those with low mobility. Mobi allows commuters to pay simply by having their transmitter with them and passing through the receiver threshold on the bus, eliminating the need for specialized assistance. Mobi aims to give back the independence to its users, meaning they will no longer have to ask for help scanning their payment or flagging down a bus to stop.

Local Accessibility, global Inclusivity.

Mobi App

Utilize already existing device to pay.

With the idea of already existing devices in mind, we created a Mobi application. The Mobi app will allow users to create an account and utilize their mobile device as a transmitter for hands-free transit payment. The app sends real time notifications confirming when a payment is completed. The Mobi app allows users to track their transit balance and even add more funds if needed.

Understanding How it Works

User Flow

With Mobi, the commuter starts their journey heading to their desired transit stop. With their Mobi transmitter or mobile device on them the transmitter sends a signal to the bus stop receiver that a commuter is waiting. This receiver then communicates with the tracking system in the vehicle notifying the driver that someone is waiting at the stop. Once the vehicle arrives the commuter will board passing through the payment threshold where the transmitter and payment receiver communicate with one another signaling a payment. In real time the payment is completed and the commuter is seamlessly on their way to their next destination.

Market Analysis

Expansion Strategy

In our ever evolving society ,industries of today are experiencing a shift towards more and more touchless interactions and experiences. We believe Mobi has the potential to expand to areas beyond transportation such as retail, entertainment and even dining. Mobi creates an easy transition for industries and companies to simply add additional software to existing devices eliminating time consuming roll outs and expensive equipment purchases. Accessability is not a privilege but a right that everyone should have no matter what their mobility level is.

Project Details


Scad StartUp


1 Week

02.07.2021 - 02.14.2021


Jake Wyand

Lekha Veeramachaneni

Gabriel Fernandez

Edena Alverado

Taylor Primuth

My Role

Visual Design Lead