Giving a voice to

survivors of domestic abuse.

My Role: Visual Design Lead | 3D Animator | Prototyping | UI Designer


An ecosystem of products that help people experiencing domestic abuse escape cleanly and safely from their abuser and begin on a path towards recovery. Den includes the preparation app, a den placement home, home security devices, and an emergency 911-Keychain.

Start-Up is a week-long design sprint hosted by FLUX - the UX club in collaboration with SCADpro. Student teams were given seven days to fully develop and flush out a startup idea and pitch it to industry professionals, from companies such as IBM, Google, and Adobe. My team made it into the final four and placed 2nd overall. Our concept focused on a platform that helps women of domestic abuse escape cleanly and safely from their abuser and begin on a path towards recovery.

Every minute, 20 people in the U.S. become victims of intimate partner violence.

On average victims of abuse will attempt leaving their abuser seven times before being successful.


Leaving an abusive situation is not an easy or simple task for a victim. It is confusing, scary, dangerous and often times takes more than one attempt. During these several attempts to leave, victims are in the most danger and lack the clarity, stability, and safety to leave cleanly and safely. The fact is, up to 75% of abused women who are murdered are killed after they leave their partners.


Den provides an ecosystem of products that help victims of domestic abuse escape cleanly and safely from their abuser and begin on a path towards recovery. The Den ecosystem includes a preparation app, Den placement home, home security devices, and an emergency 911 - keychain.


Den is here create clarity for survivers. When the user first downloads the Den alias app they will go through a risk assessment know as the Mosaic threat assessment. The Mosaic threat assessment is a certified test that assesses a combination of factors associated with risk and safety. The user is then given a score which is then used to help identify the next steps in their journey. Not everyone is in the same situation, so it is important to know what level of danger you are in so Den can appropriately help you move forward.


Save all your favorite items for now or later. Compare saves and find the best product for you!

During times of crisis, chaos, and traumatic experiences we enter “survival mode.” When in survival mode the brain becomes foggy making it hard to create stability. Based on your threat assessment and other on-boarding information Den creates a comprehensive list of all documents and files you will need. By adding a camera scanning function users are able discreetly log all their files digitally, avoiding the potential of lost paperwork.


Once the user completes the preparation process they are then assigned to a secure Den home to ensure their safety during this transitional stage. Each Den home is equipped with our Den security system. Our network of Den homes remain 100% anonymous creating another element of protection making it hard for the abuser to track the survivor down.

Ecosystem of support

Den Ecosystem

Everything you need to start your new journey.

The Den ecosystem provides victims of domestic abuse everything they will need for every step of their journey. From building the confidence to leave, collecting all important items, 24/7 security, and temporary living locations, Den is here for you every step of the way. Den’s ecosystem consists of 3 main components, the Den app, Securitas mobile and long term security systems, and Den homes.


Den App

Everything in one secure place.

The Den app serves as the main hub during your transition. With comprehensive lists, security and risk assessments, and resource connections, the den app keeps everything in one place. Due to the danger of abusive relationships, we designed our app to remain subtle and have the ability to switch to an ‘alias’ layout instantly with a simple swipe.


Supporting you 24/7.

Den offers therapeutic and legal advice to achieve a more sound and stable mindset throughout this transition.


Security System

Your Safety is our top priority.

With partners Securitas, Den provides security monitoring systems for both users and the Den secure transitional homes. Once the user is established in a safe location after the transitional period they can continue the secure monitoring with 3 levels of subscriptions.

911- keychain

The Den emergency key-chain provides mobile security for users. The keychain is designed to be subtle for chance encounters and easily triggered with only one finger. Once they keychain is triggered, the police and the listed emergency contacts will be notified and sent to your location based on the GPS tracking embedded in the device.

Den Homes

Den homes serve as an interim location for our users to stay while getting back on their feet. The purpose of a Den home is to provide a location that is unknown to the abuser and family members to eliminate the risk of abusers finding the victim's location once they have left. 60.8% of female domestic violence victims reported being stalked by a current or former intimate partner, with Den homes we aim to lower this percentage, giving these users a path to recovery.

Project Details


UX Design Studio 1: Innovation

Professor Sung Park


10 Weeks

09.14.20 - 11.19.20


Laura Ford

Edena Alverado

Abby Turner

Maddy Esper

Taylor Primuth

My Role

Visual Design Lead

UI Designer

3D Animator