A data-management

security product


Holo-cloud is a data management and security product that allows users to visualize the entirety of their personal assets and control what they would like to protect most by utilizing RAID configuration technology.Holo-cloud create an easy and convenient data security solution that helps users manage their data, but also informs and educates users to value their sensitive information more. Holo-Cloud is the most secure way to store your sensitive information. Utilizing RAID configuration it fragments the users data so that no single device has 100% of the information.

I was the visual design lead working on all visual aspects related to our project. My primary responsibilities involved the entire creation of all 3D elements. I was responsibly for creating and understanding the user mental model and creating a seamless user flow through the hologram, including wireframes and user flow charts. I also served as the physical device designer brainstorming and bringing our physical module to life.

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Project Role

Visual Design Lead, 3D Animator, Prototyping


20 Weeks


Figma, Adobe CC, Cinema4D


UX Engineer - Eric Flat

Research - Edena Alverado & Zachra Pradipta

Visual - Zachra Pradipta


With the increasing complexity of technology, it becomes difficult for users to keep track of their information. They lack knowledge and resources on data security, and at times, the level of threat is underestimated.

These factors cause stagnation in the management of information and development of complacency.


Holo-cloud is a data management and security product that allows users to visualize and understand the entirety of their personal data assets and control and protect that which is important.

Your data is complex, and so are you!

Data Storage

Control what you want to protect most with our highly secure storage system. You can store and manage your account credentials, sensitive documents, and personal information within our companion application. The Vault feature utilizes RAID configuration to fragment your file across multiple devices and our main hub, creating a ‘fail-safe’ security environment. For anything you choose to store you can set an expiration date and level of authentication for seamless management of all your assets.

Real Time Alerts

We keep track of all your assets so you don’t have to. Across all accounts and even external storage, holo-cloud will detect new high exposure areas and monitor suspicious activity 24/7. If something happens, we’ll let you know right away and give you an actionable plan to solve the issue before it gets out of hand. In the meantime, holo-cloud will also remind you of when passwords need to be updated, what assets have moved locations, and of document expiration within your Vault.

Data Landscape

Seeing how much information you have out there and where it is can be hard to understand. With Holo, our fully responsive hologram, you can visualise all your assets from cloud-based browser cookies and applications to external storage file management. Holo will show you exactly how much information any given platform has on you, and what level of exposure those assets are at. If you find a red spot, it's time to take action and holo will walk you through how to solve it as well as what other areas of your landscape could be in trouble. When assets move, accounts are created, or a new device is purchased Holo will update to reflect that, giving you total clarity around the clock.

How it works

There are two aspects of Holo-cloud: the application for the uploading, accessing, and managing stored account information and documents, and Holo, the hub that utilizes RAID configuration technology for secure data storage and hologram to help users visualize their data scripts across external and cloud-based platforms.

Holo Device

Holo, the hub that utilizes RAID configuration technology for secure data storage and hologram to help users visualize their data scripts across external and cloud-based platforms. The main hub features a hologram that illuminates from the center of the hub. Its purpose is to show users their data landscape and help them better visualize their data and where they are most vulnerable.

Holo's small compact size allows users to easily place it in any room in their house. By utilizing affordable materials, Holo-cloud can be owned by a wide array of users.

Holo-cloud App

Holo comes with a companion app to help users access their data on the go. With the app users can manage their documents, passwords, and any other sensitive information.

Project Process


As Designers, our team saw talking to potential users and experts as a great opportunity. Our team spoke to a wide range of people including experts in the field, and individuals who may or may not care about the data security


Our key insights from our research guided us as we began to build out our project. These key insights included :

  • Clear

    Current data security methods are complex and not easy to follow without prior knowledge. Users want a security process that focuses on clarity to be easily understood.

  • Bring Ease

    Everyday life is busy, users have little time to add additional steps. Users want a security process that creates ease.

  • Give control with security in mind

    Users want to feel secure in what they do by having a sense of control in what is happening.

Design System

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