A new realm of music visuals!


Odum is the ultimate ecosystem that brings high – fidelity music visuals alive in your space. Odum creates a fully customizable multi-sensory music experience with 360-degree immersive projections. Odum allows the user to access the sensory experiences of live music in their own space, on their own terms.

I was the visual design lead working on all visual aspects related to our project such as app UI, brand identity, product presentations and final product visuals. My primary responsibilities included defining the brand identity, the vision for the mood and feel of the product, wireframing low fidelity designs to prototyping high fidelity designs and collaborating with the industrial designers, brainstorming and bringing our physical module to life.


Project Role

Visual Design Lead, UI Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping


10 Weeks


Figma, Principal, Adobe CC


Industrial Design - Ford Williams & Maverick Quiros

Research & Ideation - Rayma Kuchimanchi & Edena Alverado


Many people face a variety of barriers that prevent them from enjoying the sensory and sociability aspects of live music events.


Our solution creates a device that brings these experiences into the user’s space, bridging the gap and allowing them to enjoy the sensory and sociability aspects of live music in a customizable fashion that accommodates their specific needs.

Experience the Music Journey...

Adapting to the Users personal needs

With fully customizable experiences curated by our on-boarding questions, Odum allows users to optimize their music experience. Pick your desired music list and customize your projection visuals, intensity, brightness, speed and much more all to create your one-of-a-kind music experience.

User Connections and Memories

Connect with those near and far by sharing your mutually curated experiences. Odum mimics the sociability aspects of live concerts enabling users to never miss out on shared experiences and lasting memories regardless of their individual barriers.

How it works

Odum Device

Designed to provide an immersive and interactive experience the Odum device is one of a kind. Odum analyzes the space using your smartphone microphone to detect how sounds generated from your mobile device react to the space you are in, creating a depth of field for localized sound as well as projection mapping visuals onto various objects in the space.

Odum’s compact form and durable mesh speakers gives users the freedom to create experiences wherever they may be.

Odum App

After setting up your space we identify personal preferences, such as visuals you enjoy, music you listen to and even what you want to avoid.

Project Process


It was crucial for our team to have user research fuel every design decision we made within our product. We conducted extensive research with various methods throughout our 10 week timeline. Beginning with our initial secondary research all the way to high-fidelity user testing, we made sure every decision made sense for our users to craft the best experience possible.


Our key insights from our research guided us as we began to build out our project. These key insights included :

  • Socialization

    People attend live events for the sociability and the memories they create.

  • Personalized to individual needs

    The current live concert experience does not accommodate all types of users and their various wants and needs. Users want to have an experience that is ideal for themselves and that they can have a hand in creating.

  • User convenience

    Barriers prevent people from attending live events, users prefer something that is effortlessly fun.

Design System

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